Our Services (Heavy Timber)

UTS is a unique company in the heavy timber industry. UTS offers a wide array of services to assist you through the entire design/build process from the earliest conceptual drawing to the installation of the project.

Because all of our service departments are under one roof, our personnel are able to work closely together through each step of the process to ensure a successful project.

We work with all concerned parties to develop creative ideas into a conceptual design. We discuss such things as layout, species of wood, connection hardware, and the general feel of the project that is desired. We are one of a select few that focus specifically on heavy timber structures. Our know-how is another reason we have the opportunity to assist clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Estimating Department assembles all the design information and establishes a budget estimate for the project. This enables all parties to confirm that heavy timber will meet the project requirements and there will be no surprises further down the process.

Our Engineering Department insures the design works and creates a set of drawings from which our fabricators and installers work. Their expertise in timber design and connection hardware turns the design concept into a reality. It's this expertise that is in demand with architects, engineers and building contractors.

Our Fabrication Department creates all the components of the project together using state of the art heavy timber CNC machines. This equipment drills holes and makes precision cuts for simple and complex angles, as well as decorative ends and slots for hidden steel hardware. This translates to more precise fitting material and less installation time on the job site, resulting in cost savings to the project.

Our Installation Crews are trained in the art of heavy timber construction. Their specialization in heavy timber really pays off in the quality of the results. It is one of the main reasons our clients return to us for their heavy timber projects.

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